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Buy albums from JAH Mark's own Star Selections Record Label as well as other musical works he carefully selected on the basis of his spiritual identity, long time experience and musical preference. Browse the catalogue and be pleasantly surprised.



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It is very rare that you find an artist that is an excellent writer and performer. One that commands and receives equal attention from both secular and non-secular audiences; an artist that is unique, genuine, true to the music,spiritual, strong, ...

... yet very humble. Possessing and maintaining a Godly character, a firm believer and upholder in all that are good and right... Audrey Gordon is all of these and more.

Out of Jamaica comes Audrey Gordon, an exceptionally excellent songwriter who paints you a picture with words in her songs; coupled with a unique and anointing vocal that leaves a word in song with you for days and weeks on end…

If you sit and talk with this gorgeous young woman, she will tell you that her past life's discography is not impressive in the least; there are no accolades, nothing to note, but today sitting with her, Audrey expresses only a love for her Savior Jesus Christ which surpasses accolades and accomplishments.

Every other word that proceeds from her has to do with 'Jesus'. 

"That is all I truly know and that is all I can talk about. Now that I am born again, that is the story. I am naturally a very shy person but now my shyness is not evident because of the power of God. I am still very shy, but when it comes to Jesus, I am as brave as a lion...That is the power of God."

Audrey expresses that there is nothing great about her past life to speak about. There is nothing there to say "WOW! She’s been there"... but that is all ahead of me, she says.

"There's been many obstacles, hills and mountains to climb and rivers and valleys to cross and each day I am getting there, closer to the dream. I know that even though it tarries, it will happen. Patience is the virtue and I have been blessed to be able to take things in stride".

Before migrating to Canada in 1990, Audrey was in many ways active on the music scene in her native country but not in-depth as she wanted to...but that was all for a great purpose. Audrey has performed on the local hotel scene with the resident bands and became a member of various bands.

Here she gained opportunities to dance and join in the cabarets.
From there Gordon met musicians, did auditions and end up being part of the bands, so it is the music that held her fast.

She would even visit dancehalls as she had a passion for reggae music. Unfortunately, that has not changed now. Although in her collage of writings, there are different kinds of songs, reggae remains at the top of the charts for her.

"Musically I went cold turkey when I just got saved but it was not long afterwards that the sound of the started to re-echo in my head again. I cannot seem to shake it. I just cannot seem to get away from it. It is as they say, 'Take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl". That is me, that is me and reggae right there."

For many years, I maintained a low profile doing different kinds of jobs; I worked as Hotel Front Desk Clerks and Entertainment Coordinators for a while too after getting a degree in Hotel Front Office Management. I was always involved in some musical entertainment aspect of my jobs. I am naturally drawn to the arts, but I was very shy too, confidence I did not have, I am still working on that now and getting better at it. There was no one to encourage me those days I do not even think I had ever heard the word, "self motivation". I heard the word 'ambitious'...although I do not know if I truly knew what it meant or else I would have pressed more. I was just not "driven". I wanted it but I just did not know how to push for it. I was not hungry enough. Back then, I had many opportunities that just flew out the window. Hotels that I would work for would oftentimes have employee talent shows and I would always enter these competitions and get involved with the cabarets too; it was so much fun for me. Therefore, my mind was always on the music and my jobs and hobbies always involved some form of musical entertainment. I love the arts completely. I love dancing, I love drawing, I love to write, hate to read though, ha,ha,ha. Therefore, while there is nothing exciting to note of the past, the dream and call remained to sing. I did not see myself singing gospel music at the time,  but God had his own plans and dreams for me".

Gordon is from a family of three older brothers and two older sisters with an army of uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews and cousins.

Audrey credits her mother for having brought her up in the church from an early age, which has provided her a solid foundation.

Audrey’s idol at a very tender age while attending her local church was the late Evangelist Dunn. Audrey loved and admired her and wanted to be like her. Gordon confesses that she never pursued that pathway either but knows now that God had already designed the wonderful life she now leads; a life she simply did and could not have dreamt.

Audrey presently serves as a worship and praise member in her local church when not on the road. Her spiritual covering is Pastor N. D. Byfield.

Audrey is also active in her solo ministry at home and abroad as she prepares to release her sophomore album, "Mi Assignment".
This will be Gordon's fourth studio effort.

The first album entitled "He Lifted Me" has not been officially released. This album preceded her demo of four songs.

Raising the gauntlet with her debut release ...Still Waiting, the release of the sophomore will supersede the success of her first official debut release.

Audrey’s earlier stints included an appearance at the Lisle centre where the Hon. Jean Augustine, Minister of Multi-Culturalism in Canada was the guest speaker.

Audrey opened for the Canada Christian Festival held at Mel Lastman’s Square; a two days fest which drew artists and audiences from the Canadian and American Latino communities both locally and internationally.

At the first Annual Dinner for the CHINDS Scholarship Foundation Audrey was invited as a special guest artiste.

Audrey was featured in the local newspapers after taking part in an evening of praise and worship held at the renowned Heritage Theatre in Brampton along with other artists including Paul Melo, Helena Kamika, Sandra Taylor and more.

Audrey Gordon has since shared stages with Papa San, Carlene Davis, Kay Morris and the Jewels, Joshua Generation, Toronto Mass Choir, Marvia Providence, Barbara Jones and many others.

Audrey performed in the marathon “Walk of Hope” concert for needy children which included various artists across Canada and the USA, and has go on to grace many local stages for charity.

As an artist, Audrey transcends all age, religious, ethnic and racial boundaries that will allow her to last in the industry.

Audrey’s debut album was released October 2004 and has gained Nominations in two categories from the Hopeton Lewis Caribbean Gospel Music Awards, USA 2005.

The Toronto International Reggae Music Awards (TIRMA) also awarded nominations in the Roots and Culture category. Audrey will perform at the award event slated to take place later this year.

Nominations were received from the Maja Gospel Music Awards 2005, Canada’s premier Gospel Music awards, a red carpet affair…Gala event Sept 24, 2005.

Audrey performed at the first annual Reggae Gospel SONSplash in Toronto, August 2004, which included artists from Jamaica, UK, Guyana, Bahamas, USA and Canada.

Audrey Gordon is truly a work in progress and a perfect example of love-in-action and believes that the only way to be fully- blessed is to lay everything at the altar…

“Like Esther and Moses, I know that God has called, preserved and prepared me for a time such as this” and so I earnestly pursue excellence in righteousness."




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AUDREY GORDON - Still Waiting

If you were to listen this album merely for it's artistic content you would be treated to the unique vocal talents of Audrey Gordon and the rootsy reggae production of Jah Servant- but it doesn't end there."...Still Waiting" showcases the matters of heart of the lovely songstress and with 17 tracks there's a lot to enjoy.


Price including shipping and handling: $15.50 MORE INFO



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AUDREY GORDON - Mi Assignment

Audrey's sophomore album, Mi Assignment may not add up to her debut album ..Still Waiting in terms of length, but where it falls short in length, it makes up in weight. With excellent writing skills, terrific vocals which is reminiscent of none other, and backing tracks that compares to the likes of Sly and Robbie, this artist is well on her way to the top.


Price including shipping and handling: $15.50 MORE INFO




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